Microsoft Exec Shows Off Xbox One Retail Box

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microsoft xbox one retail box

Who here is excited for the Xbox One? Honestly, I’m not (because I’m not a gamer) but I don’t know anyone either who is looking forward to the new gaming console by Microsoft. Sorry, there are just too many issues about it that some gamers don’t wanna bother. But of course, this is only an early judgment and I might bite my tongue for saying such so we’ll see.

I’m interested to know how the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One will fight when the two are released in the market. As early as now, we know more people prefer the PS4 because it’s cheaper and easier to use.

On the other hand of the arena is the Xbox One, more expensive at $499. The Redmond giant is busy marketing the latter. Why, Microsoft’s Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live Larry Hryb even showed off what’s believed to be the first retail box of the Xbox One next-generation gaming console. No more details, just a photo posted and shared by Hryb (aka Major Nelson) on Twitter.


<Source: Joystiq>

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