GadgeTell Review: Labato Magnetic iPad Smart Cover

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I recently received a couple of cases from Labato to review, and I wanted to start with the iPad Smart Cover. I’ve been using it for several days now, and it’s my new default case.

It’s made from microfiber leather and seems durable. It’s easy to get the iPad in and out, without there being any risk of it coming out of the case when I don’t want. I think the ribbon stripe makes a nice accent but my husband didn’t go for it. Tastes vary. The suede-like inner covering is soft and pleasant to hold.

The cover rolls up into two viewing angles, just like the Apple-branded smart covers and cases. As with the Apple case, the upright viewing angle is a bit too steep for some of the places I want to use it, but it works well enough for watching video on a table.

I particularly like how slim it is. Because the iPad is held in only at the corners, the case is slightly smaller than the Apple case, and I find it easier to hold. The Apple case added just enough width on the sides to make it awkward for me. You have full access to all controls.

The sleep/wake function performs flawlessly, unlike some of the other cases I’ve reviewed.

I have just two complaints. The case bows up slightly because of the scoring to allow the roll-up function. The Apple case closes more snugly. The bowing is cosmetic only and doesn’t affect either the security of closure or the sleep/wake feature.

My other issue is with the price. Right now, it’s $39.99, which is only $9.01 less than the Apple-branded case and is considerably more than other cases of similar material, build and quality. I like the case, and I plan to continue using it, but I’m not sure I would have been willing to purchase it at that price.

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