Wahoo RFLKT+ Bike Computer Enhances ANT+ Compatibility

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wahoo fitness logoIf you’re a cyclist, you likely have some gadgets or apps to help you track your trips and performance. How else can goals be achieved if nothing is measured and evaluated, right?

Many existing fitness devices feature the ANT+ technology. ANT+ uses device profiles, which have specific rules and parameters, to send data for sports and wellness.

Wahoo RFLKT bikeWhen Wahoo Fitness created the ANT+ key for the iPhone years ago, cyclists and runners could easily get their data.

The new iPhones now use Bluetooth 4.0 as the preferred wireless choice, which leaves a lot of the ANT+ monitoring gadgets incompatible. The solution? Wahoo RFLKT+ Smart Bike Computer.

The RFLKT+ provides the necessary ANT+ technology so all those ANT+ sensors can connect directly to your iPhone by converting the signal to Bluetooth. Now you can save and preview all your data in the app.

Wahoo RFLKT appYour iPhone integrates with the RFLKT+, which also harnesses the GPS functionality so you don’t need to get a separate device. You can also configure and use the RFLKT+ to manage your workouts and music playback.

Leave the RFLKT+ device permanently attached to your bike. The Wahoo Fitness app lets you upload all your data directly without having to mess around with cables.

All of your raw ANT data is transferred to your iPhone securely and accurately.

Visit the Wahoo RFLKT+ Kickstarter page for the full details and specifications. Act quick to pledge and push the campaign to success, which only has another two days to go!

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