App Review: Simplenote, Because Note-Taking Should be Simple

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I hadn’t heard about Simplenote before I read some articles last week about there being a new Android version. I love note-taking apps, especially as a way to write blog posts. Note-taking apps that sync to all my devices and are usable on my computer are a bonus. Hence, I was interested and have been using it for about a week now. I like it.

I’ve been writing most of my posts in the app, as a way to try it out. Other than syncing, which so far has worked flawlessly, the thing I like most is that it doesn’t add any odd formatting. I used to use Evernote for blog posts, but as they’ve gone more in the direction of rich text formatting, they’ve become less useful as a place to draft posts. When I cut and paste from Evernote, there’s lots to clean up, especially line spacing.

Simplenote is, well, simple. Notes are in plain text, and they cut and paste perfectly. The sync function has been reliable, and the apps have just enough features to be useful but not so many to overwhelm or get in the way.

Simplenote on iPad

You can tag notes, get details like word/character count, view version history and go back to earlier versions. The app supports Markdown, if you like to use that to create basic HTML.

Then there are some interesting features you might not expect in a simple note-taking app. You can “publish” your notes with a custom URL. Easy sharing! But wait, there’s even more sharing. Tag your note with an email address, and share it with someone else. Easy collaboration. Of course, you can also send notes via email.

Those aren’t a lot of options, so I don’t think it would replace Evernote for anyone. However, it might replace Google Keep for me. Keep has many of the same options, but no iOS app yet. I need to be able to work with any of my devices whether iOS and Android, so an app that works on all platforms is going to be my preference.

And yes, I did write this in Simplenote.

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  • Ian

    If you also found Evernote to be way over complicated then check out – its basically a twitter style note and task taking app. Very simple, but very effective, couldn’t manage without it.