Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pre-Orders Start with T-Mobile, Shipping Underway October 1

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Note 3Let the countdown officially begin. What do you mean, ‘countdown,’ you ask? We’re counting down the days until Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 will start shipping stateside, of course.

Up for grabs on pre-orders with Verizon and AT&T for close to two weeks now, the baddest, proudest phablet in the world can be also booked via T-Mobile starting today. Magenta has a slightly different pricing structure than the competition, charging just $199.99 upfront (vs. $299.99,) but requiring an additional 24 monthly payments of 21 bucks each.

In the long haul, you’ll be paying $703.99 in two years for the GNote 3, which is north of Verizon’s off-contract price (by a lousy $4) and actually $21 less than what AT&T charges for an outright Android 4.3-running, Full HD screen-sporting, Snapdragon 800 chip-toting 5.7-incher.

But the bigger race is on for which of America’s major carriers will be able to ship the first ever GNote 3. At the time, Ma Bell and T-Mobile are neck and neck in this evenly matched contest, both promising to fulfill the first orders come October 1.

Meanwhile, Big Red is a little lazier (as if we’re not used to that,) setting the ETA for October 12, with Sprint keeping an ominous silence on the matter, as pre-orders are not even underway. Anyone care to engage in a little wager on who’ll be first after all? I got a buck on T-Mo.



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