DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Challenges All Other Mice

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City Ergonomics logoCity Ergonomics, the manufacturer of the world’s first vertical ambidextrous mouse, has launched their new ergonomic wireless mouse. This new wireless mouse is based on their globally acclaimed DXT ergonomic vertical mouse, which debuted in 2011.

What stands out the most about this mouse is the ambidextrous nature of its design. The buttons and scroll wheel are set to that any person, left- or right-handed, can use the mouse with ease.

City Ergonomics DXT Vertical Mouse handSimilar to the Evoluent mouse, the DXT Ergonomic Vertical Mouse offers precise mouse control while the hand rests in a relaxed position.

Having used such types of ergonomic mice, I can personally attest to how little time it takes in order to feel the difference when compared to standard mouse designs.

A study by City Ergonomics themselves showed that 83% of the participants showed increased accuracy and comfort when using the DXT Ergonomic Mouse compared to a standard one. Not exactly a study from a neutral party, but it’s something I can believe.

The inclusion of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse as being bested by the DXT might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll see.

“Following the hugely successful global launch of the DXT wired mouse back in 2011, we’re delighted to be adding to our product line with a wireless version which aims to make it easier than ever for users to achieve accuracy and comfort when using an ergonomic mouse.” – City Ergonomics

People who perform computer work at a desk all day can certainly benefit from using an ergonomic mouse like the DXT. For more information and a list of retailers, visit

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