Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Going Up for Grabs via Sprint October 2, Likely for $300 with Contracts

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samsung-galaxy-note-3A new day, a new US carrier confirms Samsung Galaxy Note 3 availability details. Well, sort of, as Sprint is technically yet to come forward with a 100% official release date for the 5.7-incher.

So if the network hasn’t announced anything as of now, how come we’re sure the first units will be shipped come October 2? Simple, that’s what the folks over at IBTimes claim a Sprint retail representative told them. And we buy it.

After all, despite a recent muddy track record with major product releases (the LG G2 being the tip of the iceberg) or especially as a result of it, Sprint desperately needs to put one in the win column in its battle against Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.

In other words, America’s number three wireless service provider has to make the GNote 3 available before or virtually at the same time as the competition. And October 2 fits the bill, seeing as T-Mo and Ma Bell have set ETAs around the same date and Big Red will arrive (unfashionably) late to the launch party – on October 2.

As far as pricing goes, Sprint would really pull a coup if it were to undercut Verizon and AT&T, but chances are the three will end up charging the same $299.99 with two-year contracts. On the bright side, there are hints all over the carrier’s website about a special offer bundling together the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. Intriguing, ain’t it?


<Source: IBTimes>

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