This ‘iPhone Killer’ Costs $190 While Packing Quad-Core Power and Android 4.2

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kogan-agoraBefore you even get started, let me go ahead and admit it. Yes, this post’s title is sneaky, deceptive and meant to hook you without telling the full story.

But give me a chance to actually tell you the full story before running away disgusted, will you? A small, inexperienced consumer electronics devices manufacturer going by the name of Kogan and based in Australia has earlier this year decided to join the always growing, challenging and competitive smartphone scenery.

As they didn’t have the brand awareness of a certain Cupertino-based giant or the marketing strength of you know who over in Korea, the Kogan execs decided to take the easiest road towards fame and wagered everything on affordability.

Still, the Agora smartphone failed to leave a real mark on the mobile décor, which forced Kogan to up its ante. Enter the second-gen Agora, a handheld just as crazy cheap as its predecessor, but packing a lot more heat beneath the hood.

No, this thing is certainly not an iPhone killer (unless we’re referring to the iPhone 3G), but it certainly comes with an outrageous bang for buck factor. Costing $189 for US customers (£149 in UK), the 5-incher runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out the box, sports a 720p panel, not to mention it packs quad-core power courtesy of a 1.2 GHz MediaTek CPU.

And I’m not done. There’s also a generous 2,000 mAh battery (user removable) to get you through the day. And a more than decent 8 MP rear-facing camera. Plus microSD support, 1 GB RAM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. The only downside is shipping will be underway come October 9, albeit I think we can all agree that’s not such a big whoop.

Not so disgusted anymore, huh?


<Source: Tech Radar>

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