Touchfire 3D Keyboard Now Available for iPad Mini

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Touchfire iPad keyboard logoTablets and typing. While it works for short bursts or quick messages, tablets aren’t that friendly for those who need to lay down some letters. At least by themselves.

Smaller tablets, such as the iPad Mini, fare better but still need a little bit of help. There are a number of solutions out there – keyboard cases or wireless keyboards – but it takes something special to maintain the slim sleek profile of iOS devices.

Enter Touchfire for the iPad Mini, which is currently up on Kickstarter, overfunded, and still going strong with over a month left to go. Touchfire is a thin, transparent, keyboard overlay for iPads. It attaches magnetically to the tablet and provides a 3D keyboard for that traditional typing feel.

Touchfire iPad Mini keyboard magnetsDoes it sound familiar? It should. The company had successfully launched the same concept but for the full-size iPads, which have been available for purchase for over a year.

The Touchfire is likely one of the most unobtrusive keyboards you can get for your device. It attaches to covers when not in use, and is lightweight so you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying an additional accessory around with you.

It took a bit of design tweaking, but the Touchfire for iPad Mini lets you fast-type without having to look at down at the keys. Get some productivity back into your hands.

The best part is that Touchfire is affordable. You can snag it and a case for your iPad Mini for only $45. If you missed out on the Touchfire for the iPad 1, 2, 3, and 4, they’re offering a celebration sale (enter coupon code PARTY2013) at

Check out the Touchfire for iPad Mini Kickstarter page for more photos and to back the project for your very own.

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