Buyer Beware: Not All iPad Cases Play Nicely with iOS 7

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So you’re probably wondering exactly what I’m on to be writing that headline. What the heck could a case have to do with an operating system? More than you might think. Read on.

If you’ve been reading my articles, you’ve probably figure out that I have a preference for tablet cases that don’t cover the bezel.

In July, I reviewed the Snugg iPad case on our sister site, TeleRead, and while it wasn’t for me, my husband snagged it and has been quite happy. Until he upgraded to iOS 7. You know that cool, new Control Center feature? It requires a swipe up from below the bezel to the screen. Guess what happens if your case covers the bezel?

Snugg in standing position

You guessed it. The swipe doesn’t work, and you get no Control Panel. The work-around is to pull back the case, jam a digit in the gap and swipe up. The other option is to rotate to portrait orientation, where there’s a cut-out for the Home button. Swiping over the Home button works perfectly well.

Who’d a thunk that a case would make or break an operating system feature? iPhone users should have fewer problems with this since the side bezel is so slim. I don’t know of many cases that cover it.

Just thought others might like to know that, for iOS 7, iPad case style does matter.

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