Outdoor Tech Lets Users Control Music By Touching Privates

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Warning: The following contains bad puns and innuendo. Do not continue if allergic to grins or groans.

Outdoor Technology LogoOh yes you all heard correctly, you dirty birds. Outdoor Tech, famously known for the rugged Turtle Shell Bluetooth wireless boom box, has released a new set of headphones. The Privates feature Bluetooth wireless and a unique sensitive touchpad interface for finger control.

It doesn’t matter if you have a gentle touch or heavy hand, the Privates unquestioningly accept your manipulation over music tracks and volume.

Outdoor Technology Privates Headphones controlStroking the Privates touchpad up and down affects how loud you want your session to be.

A front and back rubbing motion on the Privates indicates you’re ready to either move on or revisit something you need to enjoy one more time.

The Privates aren’t discriminatory, since the 3.5mm auxiliary jack lets them play with older, more mature devices that don’t have Bluetooth. While not as flashy and easy as many new audio-capable equipment on the market, older devices can keep up or even outperform, depending on the hardware.

For those who like to stay up all night, rockin’ it in the bedroom, the Privates can last for up to 10 hours on a single charge. It also projects a fuel gauge onto your device to show you the energy level and when the Privates are about to be completely spent.

Outdoor Technology Privates HeadphonesThe Privates also feature a built-in microphone and a button to answer and end calls without having to grab for your phone.

Your hands are free to wrap behind your head while you lean back and take care of business like a boss.

Ready and aching to be on top of your head, the Privates are totally available for you at The Privates come in four, big bold colors that are meant to be shown and flashed all around in public.

So what are you waiting for? Put the Privates in your hands today and get your Rachmaninoff.

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