IN1 Case Combines Utility Tools with iPhone 5 Protection

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IN1 LogoKeys, wallet, phone. These are the basic essentials required before ever leaving the house. But if you like to stay prepared for situations or are an every day carry (EDC) enthusiast, that might not even scratch the surface.

Multi-tools are a popular grab for every day carry. Some of them are larger and more fit for a pocket, while others are designed to attach to a keychain. Either way, they provide some of the typical tools one might need in a pinch.

IN1 iPhone 5 CaseIf you are an iPhone 5 user, you have the opportunity to streamline your everday gear with the new IN1 iPhone case.

The IN1 is a multi-tool utility case that provides protection for your iPhone 5 as well as an assortment of handy tools.

The case is designed to hold your iPhone 5 and have all the tools within easy reach. Included in the set are: tweezers, toothpick, scissors, nail file, phillips screw driver, flathead screw driver, red pen, and blue pen. The case also has a fold-out stand so you can prop it up.

IN1 iPhone 5 Case multiThe IN1 provides all the essentials one might find in a quality Leatherman or Swiss Army product, except for a blade. This means that you’ll be able to travel through airports and not get stopped and have to toss your case due to FAA restrictions.

The really cool part is that you can customize your IN1 iPhone 5 case. You can choose a case color from white, black, and clear. The tools themselves come in one of six colors that bring some pop to the back of the case, making it easy to identify where to pluck each of them out.

This case is a definite must for the iPhone 5 owner who also carries a little multi-tool on their keychain. Simply your gear with a touch of unique.

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