Rumor: LG G Pro Lite Dual Headed to Europe as Low-Cost, Low-End Version of Optimus G Pro

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LG-G-Pro-Lite-DualBigger is better. It’s what most Android OEMs seem to think nowadays, no question about it. But bigger is also pricier, which for many is a very serious problem. So how about those that fancy a handheld with a wealth of screen real estate, but at the same time are on a tight budget?

Not to worry, as LG, the master of choice and commander of diversity, has just the thing for you – a little big guy going by the awkwardly convoluted name G Pro Lite Dual.

Though it looks like an almost perfect copycat of the high-end Optimus G Pro on the outside, the G Pro Lite Dual shares very few common points with its (distant) cousin as far as tech specs go. None, as a matter of fact, since the 5.5-inch IPS screen lowers the resolution bar to 960 x 540 pixels, the processing power to dual-core 1 GHz, the RAM to 1 gig, rear camera to 8 MP and on-board storage to 8 GB. Plus, there’s dual SIM support.

Oh, okay, there is one thing that unites the Optimus G Pro and G Pro Lite Dual outside the design spectrum: pre-loaded Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with all of LG’s exclusive software goodies, including Q Slide and Guest Mode.

Now I know what you’re thinking. No matter how tight your budget, there’s no way you’ll ever go for a 960 x 540 pix res 5.5-incher.

But you might want to reconsider given this kind-faced beast will reportedly land in Russia in mid-October for the equivalent of $400, meaning other countries on the “Old Continent” are bound to get it for 250 EUR tops. Good value for money? You bet.


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