ION Glasses Can Be Your Next Wearable Smartphone Accessory for $79

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ION Glasses

Google Glass may be a hit with those who own a pair, but they are too expensive to be a mainstream consumer product at this time. If you want to jump on the wearable tech glasses train, but want to do so on a strict budget, then maybe you’d want to check out ION Glasses. The company behind ION Glasses are at the beginning of an Indiegogo campaign where they hope to raise $150,000 to speed up production, pay for patents and trademarks and meet other financial obligations. It only takes a $79 pledge to get a basic pair of ION Glasses. Best of all, you’re guaranteed to get the glasses in February 2014 regardless of if the campaign succeeds or not.

ION Glasses offer simple and somewhat practical features. It doesn’t include a tiny screen and camera like Google Glass. It’s really more of a notifier/ wearable Bluetooth-connected remote control for your Android or iOS smartphone. It’s designed to work with a companion application that allows you to select a LED color that corresponds with notifications for things such as text messages, calendar appointments and social media updates. The LED is located on the right arm of the glasses. The underside of the arm includes two control buttons and a micro-USB port for charging. Those two buttons can be used to change music tracks and navigate through photos. It’s basically a remote control.

The ION Glasses can be used with prescription lenses. It’ll be up to you to get them fitted though. The Indiegogo campaign also has higher priced tiers that include tinted lenses.

The design of the glasses may make you look like a stereotypical hipster, but maybe the $79 price tag is cheap enough to make you not care.

Source [Indiegogo]


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