Facebook Will Finally Allow You to Search for Old Posts

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graphsearchposts3Say what you will about Facebook’s Graph Search, but over the weekend, it just got a little bit better. Announced on Monday, now users can search for posts and status updates through the native search bar. Other search content will now include photo captions, check-ins and comments.


If that seems a bit intrusive, don’t fret. Users who search under these new guidelines will only receive content from friends and posts that are published publicly. Currently, the new feature will only be available for a handful of ‘test-drivers,’ though the company will continue rolling it out to all users in upcoming weeks.

For example, a Facebook users can search “Posts about Bill Nye the Science Guy by my friends,” or “Posts I’ve written about Black Sabbath.” It can be a worthwhile tool when browsing the annals of one’s profile on the social media site. Also, it’s a way to never ‘lose’ track of an important status or wall posting, even from years ago.


Users can protect themselves from others viewing their posts via Graph Search by using the Privacy Shortcuts menu.

Readers, the new ‘searchable posts’ feature on Facebook Graph Search: Yay or Nay?



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