Bravo iPhone 5 Case, Aluminum Outdoor Protection

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Bike2Power LogoBike2Power has announced the latest waterproof and shockproof case for the Apple iPhone 5. The Bravo case provides all the outdoor protection a user can want, but with Aluminum instead of plastic.

As much as the iPhone 5’s slim figure enjoys staying naked and touch-friendly, there are those times when it’s better and safer to suit up. With winter right around the corner, one can expect rain, mud, and snow to follow, depending on where you live.

The Bravo case keeps the iPhone 5 safe from the elements and provides impact protection at all fall angles, even greater than six feet. Many of these cases tend to be rather bulky, but the Bravo features smooth looks and a slim design.

Bike2Power Bravo iPhone 5Many fully-protective cases also come with a screen protector, typically built into (or glued) to part of the case. Most of these screen covers are made of plastic, and while they do provide touch sensitivity it’s just not as smooth or accurate.

The plastic almost always has some gap and doesn’t make full contact with the screen at all times. Personally, I rip these plastic screens off and take my chances. But with the Bravo, you won’t have to. The case comes with an adhesive screen protector so you can enjoy the benefits of protection as well as perfect touch.

The Bravo’s case design features an O-ring that helps to create a tight seal with the screen overlay to make sure water stays out.

Packaging includes spare screws, caps, tools, headphone conversion cable, and a lint-free cleaning cloth. Aside from providing your own lanyard, there isn’t much else you’d need to do.

Visit for full information and pricing. The Bravo comes in choice of silver or black anodized aluminum, with metallic blue, green, and purple being released soon.

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