LG And Samsung to Launch Smartphones With Curved Display Later This Month

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Do you remember all those rumors about smartphones with curved displays? Well, they may sound a bit odd, but in fact, they could be true. Currently, we’re unsure of who will be the first manufacturer to enter the curved display arena, but rumors are suggesting that Samsung and LG both have handsets with curved displays in the pipeline — which should be announced by the end of this month.

Yes, you read it right, by the end of this month.


Last week, the Korean OEM confirmed that it has a smartphone in works that will feature a flexible display in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active, expected out by the end of October. During a meeting with reporters in Korea, Samsung’s CEO also confirmed that the curved-display smartphone can be launched as soon as next week.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer to unveil a smartphone with a curved display, however. It seems LG is racing alongside. The folks at LG have revealed some details to ZDNet Korea about an alleged LG Z, which will feature a concave curved display. Rumors suggest that LG Z is already in production and will be also launched by the end of this month.

One thing to note here is that these smartphones are expected to feature a curved display, not flexible. Both these handsets will be available in limited quantities. There are no details about the pricing at the moment.

<Source: Unwired View, ZDNet Korea>

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