Pocket for Web Sports a New Look

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When I logged in to Pocket this morning, I was greeted with a screen informing me of several new features aimed to bring the web experience closer to the app experience. It’s subtle, but I like the change.

New Pocket Announcement

I use Pocket both to keep articles to read later and as a repository for possible blog posts. I don’t keep a lot of articles in Pocket, but I do use it frequently, so anything to make it easier is great for me.

The new Home Page doesn’t look significantly different. The buttons have been slightly redesigned and locations subtly changed. They’ve added an “Add URL” option for those who have wanted it.

The bigger changes are keyboard shortcuts and revised article view. Keyboard shortcuts will be a welcome feature, allowing users to perform functions faster. Clicking on the ? brings up the shortcut menu as a snazzy overlay.
Pocket Keyboard Shortcuts

My favorite new feature is the revised reading screen. It is easier on the eyes and adds a sepia background, which is the color I use in almost all my reading-type apps. Now I’ve got it on my computer as well.

Pocket Reading View in Sepia
All in all, a welcome update to one of my favorite web apps.

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