Microsoft Surface Tablets Soon Coming in ‘Multiple Aspect Ratios and Sizes,’ Surface 2 LTE Also Confirmed

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surface-pro-and-surface-miniDespite heavy bashing from pundits and market analysts, and low sales numbers translated into painful financial losses, Microsoft continues to put its unyielding trust in the Windows-based Surface tablets — both running Pro and RT flavors of the world’s most popular computer OS.

And no matter if the second-gen Surfaces will boost sales and profits or not, MS has its mind set on following up with more slates. Not just that, but Redmond will apparently branch out too, prepping “multiple aspect ratios and sizes.”

Those are the exact words of Panos Panay, one of the company’s VPs and the man in charge of the Surface project, so basically the rumors of a Surface Mini being in the works are rumors no more. Only the odds of seeing the 8-inch (7.5?) tab out and about in time for the holiday season are slim. Almost microscopic.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if the “aspect ratio” hint was in reference to the same exact product, meaning the Surface Mini’s screen would be 4:3, not 16:9, or if it was thrown in there to signal the coming of even more Surface variants.

What’s clear nevertheless is a 4G LTE-enabled Surface 2 model with Windows RT is headed AT&T’s way, with a commercial release eyed for January or February 2014, whereas the Windows 8.1 Pro-based Surface 2 will remain a Wi-Fi only gizmo. Bummer, am I right?


<Source: The Verge>

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