Google Nexus 7 2014 Rumors: Asus Out, Sub Unknown

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Nexus7Confused as to why is Asus so aggressive about branching out and diversifying its tablet portfolio? We might have the answer. Or rather Digitimes, though the Taiwanese online publication’s track record with such rumors and speculation is spotty at best.

Assuming they’re right… this time, apparently Asus fears Google will kick them out of the Nexus 7 project come next year. With the first-gen 7-inch tablet proving a booming commercial success and major step forward for Android as a whole and this year’s sequel looking in great form to take it all up a notch, that may seem unlikely at first.

But think about it for a second. In the entire history of Nexus devices, has Big G gone with the same manufacturer more than twice in a row? Not to mention Asus will reportedly get a third chance by the end of 2013, with the follow-up to last year’s Samsung-made Nexus 10. So it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now the big question is whether Asus has what it takes to make it in the tablet arena sans Google’s aid and guidance. And the even bigger one is who will replace the Taiwan-based OEM on the Nexus 7 2014.

The former should get an answer soon enough, as Asus preps the rolling out of the MeMoPad HD 8 and FonePad Note FHD 6 in addition to the already released MeMo Pad HD 7, FonePad 7 and new PadFone Infinity. As for the latter, who knows?

Maybe Samsung will get another shot following the not so successful first-gen N10. Or maybe Google will ask old pals LG to lend a hand. Or even more plausible, someone like Lenovo or Acer will step up to the Nexus plate for the first time ever.


<Source: Digitimes>

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