The Government Shutdown’s Effects on the Web

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The government shut down is going into its fourth day and its effects are already being felt by many. Services like WIC and Headstart are being shutdown and all our national parks and monuments are closed. Did you know the shut down is having an effect on the web too?

Since the people responsible for maintaining various government websites are no longer allowed to because of the shut down, many of them have gone offline. The Library of Congress’ website went down, but returned a few days later with no explanation, as did the Social Security Administration’s. The U.S. Census website,, a rich source of information, is down, and here’s a list of other government sites that are no longer online because of the shut down:

  • (Dept. of Agriculture)
  • (the Federal Trade Commission)
  • (National Park Service)
  • (NationalCenter for Education Statistics)
  • (International Trade Administraton)
  • (Department of Transportation)
  • (Federal Communications Commission)

Still many more have been made static and carry a notice that due to the shutdown they are not being monitored or updated. Emails sent through those sites will not be answered.  This includes sites like the IRS. While you’ll still have to pay your taxes, if you need help, you’re out of luck.

If the shut down continues for an extended length of time, more government websites could go down if their hosting bills come due-with no appropriations there’s no way to pay them.

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