BlackBerry Takes Another Kick In The Crotch, This Time from Canada’s Rogers

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BB-Z30Is there any possible way the sky could get even greyer for once-mighty-but-now-on-the-verge-of-bankruptcy BlackBerry? Apparently there is, as Canada’s number one wireless provider, Rogers, has just announced it won’t carry the Z30. Ever. Way to kick a man company when it’s down, guys!

For those of you that have completely given up on BlackBerries and refuse to look back, the Z30 has very recently seen daylight, being slated to slowly but steadily make its way across the globe in the coming weeks as a last attempt to… survive maybe?

In any case, BB’s chances to at least not lose money with this Z30 always looked slim, since the phone is indeed bigger and faster than any other BlackBerry, but a lightweight compared with Android giants. It’s a 5-incher with a massive 2,880 mAh battery, but the display is 720p, the processor dual-core and the camera 8-MP.

Still, BlackBerry is a Canadian company (probably not for long) and some strong local support was at least to be expected. Only that doesn’t seem to be the case, with Rogers, who services a total of roughly 9.5 million wireless subscribers, turning its back to a “good” but “a little niche-y” Z30.

Meanwhile, Bell and Telus, the second and third carriers up north, don’t agree with Rogers and will start selling the latest BlackBerry 10 OS-based device on October 15. So I guess it could have been worse, huh?


<Source: The Verge>

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