UE MINI BOOM Bursts With Serious Sound, Cheery Colors

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Ultimate Ears logoIt can happen when something totally awesome takes off. The mini version. Samsung and Apple both have mini versions of their best smartphones and tablets. And why not? Great and better things can come in smaller packages.

Ultimate Ears has just introduced its latest addition to the Logitech UE BOOM. The UE MINI BOOM is the smaller sibling that packs huge sound in snazzy colors. This new speaker is meant to be a personal device that’s easy to go wherever you do.

Ultimate Ears UE MINI BOOMThis small wonder can stream music from up to 50 feet away with the Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The built-in rechargeable battery can last all day – well, at least for 10 hours.

But if the party is still going on after that, the UE MINI BOOM has the common Micro USB port to charge up from outlets or external battery packs.

UE features a free app, available for iOS and Android. This app lets users pair two UE MINI BOOM speakers together to double the sound and really create an experience.

“Ultimate Ears is setting the standard for audio solutions that fit today’s mobile lifestyle,” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears.

“Marrying incredible convenience with huge sound, the UE MINI BOOM is the latest mobile speaker in the Ultimate Ears lineup to deliver the best of both worlds. Whether you’re at home watching the latest music video on your tablet, taking a long road trip with family or just listening to your favorite tunes, the UE MINI BOOM was designed to be the ideal companion for today’s music consumption lifestyle.”

The UE MINI BOOM is meant to be seen and heard. Choose from orange, yellow, red, purple, and black, to coordinate with your gear or give it some serious pop. This speaker might just be the perfect combination of size, sound, and fun.

Best news? The UE MINI BOOM will be available by the end of this month. For full information and pricing, visit


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