Samsung’s First Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Ad is Ahead of it’s Time (Not!) (Video)

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Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.13.26 AMWhat do you get when you cross nearly every ‘future tech’ pop culture reference of the last forty years with some hipster music frontrunners and throw it in a blender with dashes of video montage magic? Why, it’s the first-ever Galaxy Gear smartwatch video advertisement, that’s what.

Launched on YouTube on Sunday via Samsung’s mobile U.S.A. account, the teaser compiles a minute’s worth of science fiction nods, placing them all side-by-side in one easily-digested commercial. With references including The Jetsons, Knight Rider, Power Rangers, Star Trek and everything in between, each selected ‘vision’ of the future features characters using a ‘smartwatch’ of some kind.

There’s a connotation underlying the Samsung ad that means to say that this is not a new concept — in fact, the ads aptly titled “A Long Time Coming.” Some techies have anticipated the ability to communicate through their wrists since the ‘Hoff was an unironic hunk, since Kirk and Spock were on primetime television, since Inspector Gadget and Dick Tracy were kids’ cartoons, and beyond.

Okay, perfect recipe. Now, serve it up to Generation Y — but how, you ask? With a LCD Soundsystem song, duh!

Without further hesitation, I present to you Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear television spot:

Any thoughts, ya’ll?


<Source: SamsungMobileUSA YouTube>

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