thingCHARGER Provides Power, Protects From ‘Juice Jacking’

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thingCHARGER logoIt’s late in the afternoon and your smartphone is dangerously close to hitting empty. You’re waiting for an important phone call, hoping that the phone doesn’t die first. As you look up, you happen to notice a few people idling near each other with corded gadgets in hand. A free charging kiosk! You rush over to quickly plug in, thinking only about the phone call and nothing about the potential security breach you just opened yourself up to.

ThingCHARGER has just launched its new charging security device for smartphones, tablets, and any mobile device that might have any of your personal information stored on it.

thingCHARGER rearThingCHARGER protects connected devices from ‘Juice Jacking.’ If it sounds familiar, it might be because you read it when USB condoms were being talked about.

For the rest of you, ‘Juice Jacking’ is the term to describe how the USB data/power cable can be used to tap into devices while they’re charging up.

Think about it. What happens when you plug your smartphone or tablet into a PC or laptop? Exactly. You can browse, copy or paste data, or even upload files. Now apply that to any innocent-looking, public charge outlet. Yup.

thingCHARGER tipsThis ‘Juice Jacking’ vulnerability is not a new concept, yet people will still plug in at kiosks, airports, anywhere.

iOS devices are just as vulnerable as Android ones, and there aren’t settings to prevent this kind of data transfer.

How does thingCHARGER work? It plugs into any standard wall outlet and protects devices by providing 5V of DC power while eliminating all data connections.

thingCHARGER devices bigBut thingCHARGER isn’t just a one-trick pony. In addition to providing two secure outlets, you also get two USB ports on the underside, capable of charging a tablet or multiple devices at 2.1 total amps.

The top of thingCHARGER features a connector that works with the included tips so you can set a device on top to charge as well. Kind of like a built-in shelf. The tips store neatly and are easily accessible from the back of thingCHARGER.

Unlike most other chargers, this one has a switch so you can shut it off and conserve energy when not in use.

ThingCHARGER is available for pre-order right now from, with shipments expected sometime between the end of this year to spring of 2014.

For full specs and information, visit the thingCHARGER website and see why it’s a product to consider.

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