Amazon Expects to Sell 2 Million Kindle Fire HD Tablets By the End of November

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Kindle Fire HD LandscapeWhen Amazon relaunched the Kindle Fire HD a couple weeks ago with a lower price tag and a new shell, they must have come up with the perfect mix of price and specs. Digitimes is reporting that Amazon has asked their manufacturing partners to ship an impressive number of the $139 tablet before the end of November:

Amazon has asked Taiwan-based ODMs to ship more than one million 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets monthly in October and November to meet expected demand, according to sources with the supply chain.

Amazon relaunched the Kindle Fire HD at the same time that the new Kindle Fire HDX made their appearance. In addition to a new lower price tag the new KFHD has a new shell with a sharply angled back and less storage (8GB vs 16GB). The new model is also missing the HDMI port and the camera found on last year’s KFHD, but on the upside it is also running Amazon’s new FireOS.


<Source: Digitimes>

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