GadgeTell Review: NudeAudio: S, M and L Bluetooth Speakers – Everything’s Better in the Nude

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Logo_Primary 600x640pxThings are always more fun in the nude, no? Well, I think so. And I bet recent newcomer to the portable speaker world, [easyazon-link asin=”B00D4MTAFM” locale=”us”]NudeAudio[/easyazon-link], has got my back on that one.

They’ve just released their first line of personal Bluetooth jammers, a wonderful and well-rounded line that skimps on frill, letting it all hang out. And by ‘it,’ I’m talking about pristine sound, ease of use, a workhorse of an internal battery and a sleek, classic appearance. There’s no lavishness involved with the S, M and L (just like the t-shirt sizes) NudeAudio speakers. There’s no celebrity endorsements. And there’s no proprietary “latest, greatest” sound technology that you “need to have.” Nope, none of that.

(Upon unboxing the NudeAudio L speaker, the final parts of the Beach Boys song below played on loop in my brain. Also, I believe it pairs quite nicely while reading my review — hit play and read on — check it out!)

“I’d love just once to see you…”

Everybody loves a good looking family. Think about babies — when you meet one, you then look immediately back to it’s parents and say things like “Oh yeah, I see the resemblance,” or “Your exact nose!” And I think that’s a natural thing. It’s cool and it’s not something to feel icky about.

Because, I think there’s a natural urge to enjoy things that we perceive to be similar, or appear to be designed alike. So, now even if elements of tech design is not something you’re entirely interested in, aesthetics are important to us and to what we find appealing.

Now have a look at the [easyazon-link asin=”B00D4MTDVI” locale=”us”]NudeAudio[/easyazon-link] ‘Move’ line of portable Bluetooth speakers:


The Move speakers line by NudeAudio line up in size order

Aren’t they pretty — well, dare I say it, but damn cute in terms of form-factor? I know it’s weird to read commentary of audio gear of any kind described in terms like kittens; but in a fresh, yet ever-growing and flowing sea of more edgy and muscular portable speakers, the NudeAudio appearance is quite refreshing. It’s like they’re splashing into the Bluetooth speaker party with a somewhat Gap store-like aesthetic in terms of color and style. And people will always really love the subdued but vibrant chic of Gap clothing.

NudeAudio Move S speaker

NudeAudio Move S speaker

As you can see, NudeAudio speakers sport a very clean look. With a soft-touch rubber casing around it’s back and sides, a simple grill above the drivers inside and a flashy neon shoelace carrying cord, take one of these dudes in public and people will notice even before they start blaring.

The Move S model is under a half-pound, about a 3-inch square and very pocket- or wrist-friendly. It bumps way louder than you’d expect. Last Friday, some friends and I met at our regular ‘watering hole’ for some refreshments and outdoor seating. Needless to say, the four of us were very impressed with the amount of sound pulsing from the Move S. For our purposes, a phone volume of about 50-percent was sufficient and not troublesome for nearby tables.

NudeAudio_Move_L_Bluetooth_Speaker_mint_frontThe Move L is your bedroom or dining room audio source — hell, it’s portable so make it both plus the bathroom! Place it in any size room, short of a convention center or space station, and be amazed. Like the device’s appearance, the NudeAudio sound is clean, crisp and very pure.

It’s passive radiator and enhanced-power acoustics provide your tunes with supreme bass (for a portable speaker) and excellent highs, while remaining balanced around the mid-zone. That’s a good thing because if the sound is naturally favoring the highs, it’ll have the tin can effect. If it’s bass-heavy, well you know, that low-rider car subwoofer muffle sound that feels cool but sounds like ass.

Another thing I really liked was that these things cannot wait to be paired with a smartphone or tablet. Of all Bluetooth devices that I’ve used, NudeAudio’s devices paired the fastest — I’m talking like under six seconds. And of course, powering it back on after an initial pairing will connect the speaker back to a smart device automatically.

NudeAudio_Move_M_Bluetooth_Speaker_mint_topAll NudeAudio Move speakers pack about eight hours of performance power, feature a 3.5mm Aux-in for non-wireless devices and feature a four button system: an on/off, a volume rocker and a pairing button. The S model also comes in a wired version, with the same specs and the option to daisy chain multiple together. Also worth mentioning: the M sized NudeAudio Move speaker can handle phone calls using a built-in two-way microphone.

So don’t wait and don’t hesitate. Grab a NudeAudio BT speaker and let it all hang out. (I am not condoning public nudity, streaking or lewd behavior of any kind… unless it’s absolutely funny. For everyone.)


Follow NudeAudio on Facebook, Twitter and through their company website.

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  • John Peterson

    Is the speaker phone option only available on the M version? What are the retail price points?

  • Matthew Marchesano

    Hey John,

    Yes, the speakerphone option is only available on the M model. We’ve seen that model on Amazon for $50 and the L model goes for $100.

    Take care,

  • PaulY

    I read you can daisy chain these (have two playing at same time) but I can’t get it working. The worst thing is the manual that comes with this is very brief (tells you what the on button does. Nice!), and the web page they give has a 404 error on it.

    Any one know how to daisy chain two Ms???