First Documentary Film Made Entirely on Google Glass Spotlights Diverse NYC Neighborhood

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2x13As much time that we could all spend ‘nerding’ out about mobile devices, their features and specs, at the end of the day, they are simply just things, or tools I should say. A 13-megapixel camera is of no worth to an LG G2 owner who never once has the urge to shoot pictures; as I’ve realized that even more important than the devices themselves are the people who use them.

And when modern tech is used exclusively in making something so beautiful,  such as “2×1,” a documentary film by Mendy Seldowitz, it’s not only impressive but appeals to us emotionally. It’s a pretty beautiful moment for techies.

Crown Height, Brooklyn, NY

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

2x1The filmmaker, who is a native to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, a neighborhood which is densely-rich in culture and history, decided to film a documentary about his area. Physically resembling a two-mile by one-mile rectangle on a map of the New York boroughs, Crown Heights is also largely inhabited by to two very diverse communities: people of Caribbean ancestry and Hasidic Jews. As you’d imagine, in the movie, tensions can flare and emotions may become very real, mimicking potentional real-life scenarios between the groups interacting.

2x12— oh hey, wait a minute — I almost forget to mention the best part! The film, “2×1,” was entirely filmed with Google Glass. The whole thing. And it looks incredible, of course.

Seldowitz and co. basically offered a loaner pair of Google Glass to anyone in the community who would accept it (note: the filmmaker was a Glass Explorer.) He and his friends pieced their findings together, making for one very broad and disparate sequence of content.

Currently the movie is being crowd funded through Kickstarter, with some nice pledge prizes. Check that out here.

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