Deal Alert: Best Buy Sells T-Mobile No-Contract Nokia Lumia 521 for $85

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Nokia Lumia 521“How low can Nokia go?” is a question I’ve asked myself countless of times of late, especially in regards to Lumia 520 and 521’s pricing. The 520 for AT&T has been recently slashed to $90 through Amazon and currently goes for $100, whereas the 521 for T-Mobile has seen its price plummet to $80 via HSN at one point.

In the meantime, the online retailer has raised the bar again to 150 bucks, but here comes Best Buy at the rescue of thrifty fellas looking for an unpretentious Windows Phone 8-based handheld.

And while BB’s latest promo doesn’t quite drop Lumia 521’s price tag as abruptly as HSN’s, it still brings it amazingly low, at a measly $84.99. The catch? You can’t purchase the phone online, just in physical stores.

Some fresh air will probably do you some good anyway, so go ahead, swing by a Best Buy retail store and get on the Nokia Lumia bandwagon. You won’t regret it, as the 85 clams will get you a 4G LTE-enabled gizmo with 5 MP rear-facing camera, 4-inch 800 x 480 display, dual-core 1 GHz SoC and 512 MB of RAM. In short, the very best piece of mobile technology that kind of money can buy.


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  • david

    The 521 is 4G but no LTE. Still a great deal though thanks for bringing it to my attention! I will pick one up today or tomorrow :)

  • blegs38552

    A great buy no matter what, especially with T-Mobile’s no contract $30.00 plan. No LTE, front facing camera or flash, but for $85.00 you can’t have it all.

  • Peter

    There are two types of $30 plan
    (1500 min + 30 MB; or 100 min + ul MB).
    If you purchase Lumia 521 from Best Buy,
    it will not support the plan
    of 100 min + ul MB.
    You need to go to Walmart.