GadgeTell Review: Klingg Headphone/Earbud Cord Holder

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Music and active lifestyles often go hand-in-hand. Maybe you prefer audio as motivation to keep your pace. Maybe you like to enjoy moments of zen, where you’re in your zone with just you and the tunes.

There are a lot of great headsets out there in such a wide variety, but most of them have a single common denominator. Cords.

Klingg cord holder quarter

Not much wider than a quarter

Cords by themselves are not necessarily bad, though they can quickly turn into a nuisance. If you run or jog, you know exactly what I mean. Not only do the cords bang around all in front of you and tug at the ears, but each hit adds line noise to ruin your music.

Solution? A nifty little gadget called [easyazon-link asin=”B00B2B3NR8″ locale=”us”]Klingg[/easyazon-link]. It keeps your cable pinned down to your clothing with the power of magnets!


Klingg’s small and lightweight design almost betrays the magnetic power of the neodymium magnets on the inside. If you’ve never had the chance to play around with these type of magnets, you’ll be both delighted and surprised.

Klingg cord holder closeup

Front half close-up

The concept is simple – one of those kick-yourself-because-you-didn’t-invent-it things. This two-piece gadget attaches to your clothing and provides a means to secure headphones cables in place.

The back piece goes under your clothing, while the front piece features a rubber groove to thread the cable in. The magnets themselves work through thicker layers such as jackets, hoodies, and some winter coats.

The durable plastic has smooth edges all over and is practically seamless. You don’t have to worry about it snagging and yanking out threads on your clothing (especially fabrics like polyester and lycra). Trust me, I tried.

Klingg’s unique curves make it very finger-friendly and easy to handle. The textured rubber grips on the side add to that, but also provide a place to perch earbuds when they’re not in use. The magnet power carries through just enough to hold them in place. It works with most earbuds, depending on the shape and size.


Though it attaches to your clothing, [easyazon-link asin=”B00B2B13UM” locale=”us”]Klingg[/easyazon-link] doesn’t weigh it down. Even while jogging, the Klingg doesn’t bounce around too much. It might while running, though (I don’t run).

Klingg cord holder half

The back half doesn’t catch on clothing

Klingg works with most standard headphone cables. Any cable with a woven exterior is going to be too thick to fit. Some headphone cables are built bigger for durability and to resist tangling – those won’t fit either. Flat cables will work, but you might have to give them a little twist just so they catch.

The easiest way I’ve found to insert the headphone cable into Klingg is to set the cable on the groove and smooth my thumb over it. Usually that’s enough to get it in, though you can poke or nudge the cable all the way down if you like.

I caution against pulling too hard or quickly while inserting or removing the cable. Because Klingg holds so well, you could possibly damage the wires on the inside from being too rough.

Once a cable is secured, there is no way that any normal body movement causes it to slip out. It takes a very deliberate pull to do so.

Not only did Klingg practically remove all the line noise I normally hear while jogging, it put a stop to all of the little tugs to the earbuds. Many of you know what I mean. The little tugs add up, where all of a sudden we feel compelled to readjust the earbud to get that perfect fit again. Klingg takes care of all that.

Klingg cord holder magnetic

The magnets are pretty strong!

The rubberized and magnetized sides of the Klingg have indeed proven useful. My daughter is pretty cute (no lie), so we’ll often get stopped by strangers (typically elderly or ones with kids in tow) who want to chat for a few minutes.

I simply pause my music, pop the earbuds out, and then attach them to the sides until we’re ready to continue on. Not only is it polite, but people notice and ask about the Klingg.

Klingg works with your headphone cables however you can use it. Many backpacks and bags feature audio pockets to hold devices while allowing you to snake cords through so you can listen. Klingg will keep those cords in check, instead of hanging around and possibly catching on some zippers or dangling bits from your bag.


Klingg cord holder shirt

It doesn’t weigh the shirt down

Some people might think that Klingg is unnecessary, and they would be correct. Technically. Wearing shin-guards while playing soccer (football outside of U.S.) could also be considered unnecessary, technically. But why put up with wild cables or busted shins if you don’t need to?

Klingg is proudly made in the U.S.A., and the quality shows. A lot of thought was put into the design to make it functional and hassle-free. It comes in eight different color combinations for those who want theirs to either match or stand out from their clothing.

Now that I’ve used this little gadget, I’m never going back. Maybe it seems silly to those who haven’t tried it, but if you jog, run, or exercise while listening to music you’ll definitely feel and hear the benefit. It only costs $20 from, which makes it an easy and thoughtful gift for you or someone else with an active lifestyle.

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