Leaked: Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet in Cyan and Red, Also Coming in White and Black

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Nokia Lumia 2520It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Nokia to stay faithful to its own identity, ideals and principles, with [easyazon-link asin=”B009XNBFJK” locale=”us”]Microsoft[/easyazon-link] being this close to buying the company out, so it’s no wonder the Lumia 2520 tablet is tipped to very closely follow the design language of the Surface line.

Yet the 2520 will not only be about productivity and optional accessories. It will also be about color, elegance and sleekness, at least if we are to trust perennial source of covert information @evleaks.

And we mostly do, hence with eight days to go until the formal intro of the “Sirius,” the thing’s color palette appears set in stone. The 10-incher will be made available in a classic black version, a smooth silky white one, plus snazzy red and cyan flavors, the last two of which just happen to have smiled to the camera already.

Nokia Lumia 2520-2

Only it’s hard to evaluate the duo’s sense of style with only their front parts leaked to the press. Especially since the two are not technically coated entirely in red and cyan, with only the smooth edges around the screens rocking those particular paint jobs.

Oh, well, you might as well let your imaginations fly, close your eyes and picture the sexy backs of the uber-cool slabs of silicon. Can you see them?


<Source: Twitter>

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