Smart Router and Adapter Is An Awesome Travel Gadget

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Satechi LogoSatechi, a manufacturer of electronic gadgets and accessories, has their latest travel accessory available to purchase now. The Smart Travel Router and Adapter is ideal for professionals or those who frequently visit different countries.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the typical multi-national outlet adapters. There’s multiple pieces to keep track of, and it may or may not come with a hideous case to carry it in. Forget it!

Satechi Smart Travel Router and Adapter[easyazon-link asin=”B00EZT2PB4″ locale=”us”]Satechi[/easyazon-link] has likely thought the same thing when creating their Smart Travel Router and Adapter. This little cube contains the plugs to let it work is over 150 countries. That’s North America, China, and most European countries.

Sure, it doesn’t cover all the countries in the world, which is why it also features a built-in router. Not all hotels provide wireless, let alone free wireless. Many or most at least have an Ethernet jack. Plug in to the internet and generate your own private WiFi network while giving yourself a little room to roam.

You can have it act as a router, repeater, or access point. If you have a console or wired media device, use this Smart Travel Router to give it a wireless connection.

True to any modern and respectable wall plug, you also get a 2.1A USB port that’s powerful enough to charge everything from smartphones to tablets. Best of all, this one little gadget fits into any case, backpack, or bag for wherever you go.

It’s available now on as well as


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