Leaked: Nexus 5 in Alleged Retail Packaging (Photos)

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Could this be the actual Google Nexus 5 smartphone packaging? Have a look at the photos below:


(Hat-tip: Photos from Korean site UNDERkg; have since been taken down.)

There’s no way to know if the images above are indeed the official retail packaging for Google’s upcoming 5-incher, a “pure-Android” smartphone. Mind you, this comes under 24-hours after the N5 was ‘mistakenly’ published in Google Play store (and then taken down.) But one thing caught our attention — we were like, “Wait, a white version?”

The photos come from Korean tech site UNDERkg, published on Friday though have been pulled since. There’s a LG branding, the device name, [easyazon-link asin=”B00EU4E6G6″ locale=”us”]Bluetooth[/easyazon-link] and[easyazon-link asin=”B00F36ZHHC” locale=”us”]Google[/easyazon-link] logos on the packaging; it seems legit. But we know some tech fanatics have been known to counterfeit these types of things. And most importantly — until now, there had been no word on a white variant.

So until further notice, let’s take this with a big grain of salt. Actually no, make that sugar. Then let’s stir said sugar in a cup of tea, sip patiently and wait until the big G gives us something real to believe in.



<Source: AndroidCentral>

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