HTC Reportedly Working on Android-Powered Smartwatch, Release Set for H2 2014

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SmartwatchThe fledgling smartwatch market niche may not seem capable of drawing a lot of interest from tech aficionados at the moment, but apparently Samsung and Sony will not remain the sole big players engaged in the battle for long.

Not even close, as Apple is reportedly going forward with iWatch plans, whereas [easyazon-link asin=”B00EN68XJC” locale=”us”]HTC[/easyazon-link] is rumored to be working on an intelligent wearable gizmo of its own. In fact, scratch the “rumored” part, as Peter Chou, the company’s own CEO, has gone on record 24 hours or so ago saying HTC is “excited” about wearables and sees them as a “critical segment” for its evolution and recovery from the current financial slump.

Chou has even indirectly hinted at HTC’s first ever smartwatch being intended as a non-gimmick, unlike we know what member of Samsung’s Galaxy, but other than that he’s been reluctant to go into detail.

Luckily, we can rely on Bloomberg’s always reliable sources for a few specifics, like the fact the upcoming smartwatch will run Android (duh!) and make use of a camera of sorts (hopefully, one with a more generous sensor than Galaxy Gear’s 1.9 MP).

All the other specs and features remain mysterious for a very simple reason, namely they haven’t been worked out yet, while HTC’s current 2014 product roadmap has the gadget slated for a commercial release sometime in the second part of the year.

For the company’s sake, I hope they’ll undercut Apple’s iWatch, because otherwise the Taiwanese will be forced to once again play catch-up. And that’s not really the part of the game they’re strongest at, is it?


<Source: Bloomberg>

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