Fujitsu ARROWS NX Smartphone to Be Available Soon in Japan

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Fujitsu has announced their latest smartphone to be available this week. The ARROWS NX F-01F docomo smartphone address short battery life with its WhiteMagic energy-saving display and 3200mAh battery.

The ARROWS NX was designed to be stylish and easy to use. It features a responsive touchscreen that’s easy to view as well as built-in GPS and a 13.1 MP camera.

Fujitsu ARROWS NX smartphoneThis smartphone has been tested to last up to three days of use between charges. The WhiteMagic display helps to make this possible. This display technology adds white pixels to the screen’s existing RGB pixels, which lets it use half the power compared to other smartphone while still retaining top-notch brightness levels.

The 5-inch HD display delivers 800cd of luminence, making it easy to read and view during any lighting conditions, even direct sunlight.

The integrated NX!eco app lets users fine-tune their power settings to match their style. Combined with [easyazon-link asin=”B00CIH4OT6″ locale=”us”]Fujitsu[/easyazon-link]’s new Human Centric Engine, which optimizes CPU and clock speeds for reducing power consumption, users can make the most of the ARROWS NX large 3200mAh battery.

For greater security, the Fujitsu smart fingerprint sensor helps users keep their information safe while providing an easy method of unlocking their phone.

The ARROWS NX smartphone packs a lot of features, making it an attractive choice among the competition. The only drawback at the moment is it’s only being released in Japan.

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