ION Glasses, First Smartglasses for Prescription or Sun

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Move over Google Glass, there’s a new pair of smartglasses that are not only useful, but they’re discreet and stylish too. The ION Glasses are smartglasses that let users connect with and interact with their smartphone.

ION Glasses smartglasses controlsWhile it doesn’t provide the kind of in-depth control one can get with [easyazon-link asin=”B00DI6WTHA” locale=”us”]Google Glass[/easyazon-link] or with some smartwatches, ION Glasses keep users in the loop.

Even if your phone is silent, you can know when you’ve received calls, texts, emails, or social status updates. This is made possible by the Bluetooth 4.0 technology as well as a customizable LED light on the inside of the frame, next to your temple.

The free ION app, compatible with iOS and Android, lets you control the color and flashing for each notification type.

Subtle buttons on the underside of the glasses stems let users repeat or skip music tracks as well as adjust volume. It’s able to remotely control a few other smartphone functions as well, such as camera or voice-recording.

But the best part is that the ION Glasses are a true set of standard glasses, either prescription or sunglasses.

ION Glasses smartglasses chartThey’ve been designed so you can bring them to any local eyecare or eyewear business to have your lenses put in. If you’re concerned about durability, the ION Glasses are made of a flexible and resistant material known as plastic titanium.

It sounds pretty cool.

The built-in battery can last up to a week, but the app will remind you if you need to recharge. The Micro USB port is also located on the underside of the stems.

There is only one design for the ION Glasses, so it’s up to each individual to determine if it’s something that complements their own personal style. They don’t look half bad, though it would be nice if there would be a choice of frame color and shape in the future.

Check out the ION Glasses project on Indiegogo for the full specs and description. The founders of the project are committed to delivering to all of the backers regardless if the project fully-funds or not. But they’re already 2/3rds the way there with over three weeks left, so it seems like they’re going to hit that success mark anyway.

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