Mimoco Brings Fun to Batteries with MimoPower BatteryBots

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Mimoco, the makers of Mimobot character-based USB flash drives, has introduced its new line of [easyazon-link asin=”B00DR2COPW” locale=”us”]Mimico[/easyazon-link] external battery devices. The launch features 10 unique designs, one of which is a Kickstarter exclusive.

The tech market has already been populated with battery packs of all sizes and capacities by soooooooo many brands. Is there really room for more? The answer is always “yes,” especially when it comes to Mimoco.

Mimoco MimoPower BatteryBot partsWhy would you settle for a standard, boring-looking battery pack when you can have the same utility in a fun form-factor? Each MimoPower BatteryBot is part toy, part battery pack, and part character.

The MimoPower 2600 is a cylindrical battery, available in designs resembling candy rolls, spray paint, medicine, dynamite, blunts, and more. If you’re looking for the more toy-like option, then the BatteryBot is what you’ll want.

Mimoco MimoPower BatteryBot designsA new feature not yet seen in the external battery market is how the MimoPower BatteryBot uses a multi-color LED to indicate remaining charge.

Designed as part of the character’s shoe tread, the LED will glow blue to green to yellow to red as you deplete it from charging your gadgets. Neat, right? Beats the standard 4-LED deal.

Each MimoPower device has a 1A Micro USB input and a 2.1A USB output for universal charging. Cables and a carrying pouch also come included.

If the campaign hits certain goals, more character designs will be unlocked, so check back often. You can see more photos and make a pledge at the Mimoco MimoPower BatteryBot Kickstarter project.

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