Gifpop Transforms Your Gifs Into Physical Cards

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Gifpop logoAnimated gif (.gif) images are fun. One can take a video and forever immortalize the best part(s) of it in a convenient little image file that can be shared anywhere on the web. Aside from having improved quality or length, there’s little to improve upon, right? Think again.

Lenticular printing is likely not on your mind, but it’s about to be. Gifpop is a service that takes existing gif images and prints them into real, physical cards. Lenticular cards. You know, those cards that shuffle through a series of images as you move it back and forth. Sometimes they’re found in as a [easyazon-link asin=”B004CH61Y6″ locale=”us”]Cracker Jack[/easyazon-link] prize.Gifpop early test

This type of image-printing has been around for decades, but the project designers have figured out a way to combine the lo-fi tech of that along with gifs. Users will be able to upload gif images and create these cards, which make really cool and unique gifts.

Gifpop cardEach of the cards can currently support up to 10 frames. The soon-to-be-created Gifpop website will provide an easy way for users to pick and choose which frames they actually want to use. Finalize the design, place the order, then wait for your awesome card.


The team is passionate about gif art, and Gifpop will also feature art from three of their favorite artists.

The Gifpop Kickstarter project has already tripled their funding goal with over three weeks left. Check out the page for additional photos and detail. Pledge to get your own cards created before the website goes live!

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