BluFit Helps Keep Users Hydrated, Caffeinated or Buzzed

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When it comes to weight loss or personal health, staying sufficiently hydrated is one of those cornerstones that can’t really be argued against. Drinking water flushes your body of toxins while replacing lost liquid.

BluFit Smart Water Bottle fitWater, however, probably isn’t a big enough part of our daily diet. It’s neither loud nor exciting like a soda drink, or sometimes we might be too busy to remember to get enough.

The designers of the BluFit likely saw this as a problem too, which is what led them to design their smart water bottle.

The water bottle comes with a free app to help record your data as well as determine how much to drink daily. The app is completely customizable, and it tracks progress and sets goals.

Based on this concept, I’d say that those who answer their smartphone’s beck and call (e.g. messages, status updates, emails, anything worth stopping what you’re doing to check) will likely make the best use of the BluFit smart water bottle.

All of the electronics are stored in the BlueFit smart water bottle lid. The internal battery lasts for about a week and is rechargeable through Bluetooth.

BluFit Smart Water Bottle colorsSetting the [easyazon-link asin=”B003DQD5CS” locale=”us”]Android[/easyazon-link]- and iOS- compatible app aside, the BluFit bottle looks like a pretty good product. The bottle can hold up to 32oz of water, and it’s made of dishwasher-safe glass. A stylish silicone sleeve provides grip as well as some shock protection. It has a nice taper to it – easy to grab in the middle and with a wider, stable base.

Now the BluFit bottle may be geared more toward the health-conscious, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be for you! Fill it with beer so you get frequent reminders to maintain your buzz. Or stay topped off and focused with energy drinks instead.

The BluFit smart water bottle is available now through their Indiegogo campaign. There’s only two weeks to go, so make your pledge quickly.

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