ClamCase Announces Keyboard Case for Apple iPad Air

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ClamCase LogoClamCase has announced a new ClamCase Pro design specifically for the new iPad Air. The ClamCase Pro is also thinner and lighter to complement the iPad Air’s slim and light design.

Unfamiliar with [easyazon-link asin=”B005EN83A2″ locale=”us”]ClamCase[/easyazon-link]? They’ve been making pretty slick combination case-and-stand for iPads for some time. You can think of it as transforming your iPad into a laptop-type form.

Clamcase Pro iPad AirThe new iPad Air ClamCase is constructed of durable aluminum and polycarbonate to protect your iPad while being carried or during use. This new ClamCase features a keyboard with island style keys for smoother and faster typing.

This new ClamCase design also has a patented 360 degree hinge, providing the option to use the case for typing power or simply folded part way to act like a tablet stand. You can even fold it back all the way around and hold the tablet without having to remove the case.

Clamcase Pro iPad Air foldedIt’s pretty hard to beat the productivity you can get out of a ClamCase with the new iPad Air.

The design itself is both functional and stylish, so you never have to sacrifice or settle for something without appeal.

For more information and photos, visit Yeah, you’ll have to wait until at least January 2014 to get one, but it’s well worth the wait.


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