Google uProxy Announced

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There is no stopping Google in making our lives even better. Netizens who have limited access to internet will soon get to enjoy more of the Web as the search giant is offering uProxy.

The uProxy is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that lets a user to bypass firewalls by creating peer-to-peer connection. Those who live in countries where there is limited Internet access can ask their friends in the US to share his connection.

Sharing internet connection will allow the the user with limited access the freedom to explore the Internet as long as the other end is still connected. You all know how other countries block some information and the uProxy could just be the solution. Maybe not perfect but good enough.

The uProxy is now on beta mode just to make sure it’s “private, robust, and secure.” Developers from Brave New Software and University of Washington are currently working on the uProxy.

We’re not sure about security but I’m sure [easyazon-link asin=”B00AFCEIB0″ locale=”us”]Google[/easyazon-link] is working on it.


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