Will Google Sell the Nexus 4 Along With Nexus 5?

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The internet is too excited with the upcoming Google Nexus 5. Leaks are pouring in from every possible direction, showing us the design of the handset and what it will bring at the table. Without a doubt, it seems that the handset will come with top of the line specifications and an affordable price tag. But, will Google continue to sell last year Nexus 4?


Google Nexus 4 is sold out on the Google Play Store, but quite recently, the handset with a model number E960 (which is Nexus 4) and LTE compatibility was spotted on Bluetooth SIG. At that moment, it was disregarded as just a sloppy Bluetooth SIG posting, but it could be true.

The prolific Twitter leaker @evleaks posted a screenshot from the inventory system of what he calls a “Big Box retailer” showing Nexus 4 in stock. Now, we don’t know which retailer is this, but if it’s true, it could mean that Google is planning on selling the last year’s model alongside the new Nexus 5.

This is just a speculation so a pinch of salt is required. The only thing we’re confident about is that we’ll see a new Nexus device by the end of this week. Alongside new Nexus 5, Google is also expected launch [easyazon-link asin=”0321940261″ locale=”us”]Android 4.4 Kitkat[/easyazon-link] and an upgraded Nexus 10 with a new design and hardware upgrades.

Anyway, stay tuned to GadgeTell and we’ll update you as soon as we get more information about the launch of the purported Google Nexus 5.


<Source: @evleaks, Droid-Life>

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