Windows 8.1 Update Leaves OEM Owners With Broken Restore Function

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Windows-8_1_3If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 8.1 yet, and plan to do so by downloading it from the Windows app store, there’s something you should know before you do. Microsoft made a huge blunder that could leave you in a bind should you ever need to use the Refresh or Restore recovery tools after you upgrade.

Those tools rely on the Windows ESD file, which isn’t provided if you upgrade through the app store, and you need an ISO image to fix it that Microsoft announced it has no plans to ever make available to consumers.

The problem with that is that when you upgrade through the Windows store, it wipes out the recovery partition you got with Windows 8, and doesn’t rebuild it with the update. That means when you go to use the Refresh or Restore tools, they won’t work. Instead you’ll get an error telling you to “insert media”–media you don’t have and can’t get. Only folks who buy Windows 8.1 from a store or Microsoft, or are part of a developer’s network like Technet, are immune from the problem.

Amazingly, Microsoft is aware of the problem and doesn’t seem to care. IT did not apologize, nor does it have any plans to release the ISO, or seem to have any interest in fixing the problem. It’s a HUGE blunder on Redmond’s part and they should be very embarrassed. An OS update should not break a critical part of the OS!

There are workarounds to fix the issue but they are fairly complicated. If you want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 through the app store, create your own recovery media first, something that everyone should do anyway, or just hold off awhile and see if Microsoft will wake up and fix their blunder.

Earlier today, we reported on how Windows 8.1 is causing headaches for some tablet owners.

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  • Rodney Long

    got the window 8.1 update from the window store now I dont have a usable system restore on my pc. There should have been explicit warnings that this would happen upfront. If I would have known this there is no way that this update/upgrade would have been worth loosing my system restore feature.
    Sad day for Microsoft
    Maybe Apple will be my next

  • Gary Carr

    I bought the OEM disc for 8.1 and have found that System Restore is basically nonexistent. The is only one restore point made when you install 8.1… none after that. You have to make your own restore points. Now why wasn’t System Restore kept as it was for XP. Most don’t even know this is the way it is now. Seems very foolish not to have kept it. If they need to do a restore and haven’t done it periodically they will lose everything after that one and only restore point. Shame on you Microsoft. I hope you fix it with an upgrade, and keep the original System Restore form XP with Windows 9 seeing it will be XP based.

  • Becky

    I updated now I can’t get anything on computer not even power off correctly

  • Gary Carr

    Looks like the only safe way to make sure you have System Restore is to buy 8.1. If that’s so why then is Microsoft offering a free upgrade from 8 to 8.1? Makes you think of one word… Vista.

    It also doesn’t make sense to offer an upgrade, free or not, that is broken and won’t be fixed. Someone needs to wake up at MS and fix it. I’d think that not doing so, and ignoring the problem, is a good way to lose people to Apple.

    • Becky

      Complete agreement ……,.. And you can not revert back to 8 …….. What a piece of s!!t buisness deal that’s leaving out the fact that attempting to apply windows 8.1 most computers are then disabled to DO ANYTHING

  • Harvey Thomas

    What a lot of cretins Microsoft are.

    Having taken 9 hours to get Windows 8 working, updated and upgraded, I discover I have now trashed any chance to recover Windows if something goes wrong?

    This OS is nowhere near ‘consumer’ quality. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it, and if those asshats think it means I will go out and do so, I have one word for them:


    Not happy. 20 years of being an MS sys admin and always being loyal to Windows just ended.