Digitimes Weighs in on Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Launch

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Samsung-Galaxy-Note-12.2Samsung is a champion at playing the speculation game and making the rumor mill grind in its favor. Maybe not a heavyweight champion like Google, but close enough. Need fresh evidence? Just look at how Samsung is building up hype surrounding its now nearly-confirmed Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet.

First, they “accidentally” let a very convincing and high-quality press render slip, right ahead of IFA. Then, as people started doubting the photo was real, Sammy paid Bluetooth SIG a visit. And then another. And it all culminated with an FCC approval. And to top it all off, a report from Taiwanese website Digitimes is helping the GNote 12.2 stay in the headlines.

As the slate’s spec sheet has been revealed almost in full courtesy of an AnTuTu benchmark, the only thing that remains covered in mystery is when the 12-inch beast will see daylight. If we’re to trust Digitimes, whose track record with similar forecasts is spotty at best, production is “to kick off at the end of 2013”, so the commercial launch could be slated for this December or next January.

My guess? January, at the earliest, probably closely following a formal intro during CES 2014 in Las Vegas. After all, such a glamorous gadget will need a glamorous stage for an official debut under the limelight, right?

Via [Digitimes]

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