Motorola Slates Moto G Announcement for November 13, Hints at Worldwide Availability

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motorola-moto-gIt’s finally official. Motorola’s Moto G, teased by the Google-owned company not long ago, is landing November 13. A formal announcement, public details, specs, features and whatnot are on the way.

To help build extra buzz and keep everyone on their toes, Motorola has set up a nifty Moto G-dedicated webpage, headlined by a snazzy animation that suggests the upcoming mid-range phone is destined to take the whole world by storm — unlike the [easyazon-link asin=”B00E92AV2W” locale=”us”]Moto X[/easyazon-link], which remains a U.S. exclusive. The November 13 announcement date appears translated in a number of languages on Plus, the tweet letting everybody know about the new website included the following message: “Time to say hola, olá, g’day, hallo, bonjour, namastē, hello to #MotoG”.

So there you have it, the confirmation that the new handheld will go global, likely in time for Christmas.

As for features, there are two lists being circulated around the interwebs that paint slightly different pictures of the Moto G. The common points are 720p screen resolution, 1 GB RAM and 1,950 mAh battery, whereas the display size, the CPU’s exact make and model and camera sensor are currently under contention.

We’ll find out for certain soon enough.

Via [Moto-G] and [Twitter]

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