Batkid to Save Gotham City

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Admit it. You’re a Batman fanatic and you wish you could be like him and be able to live in and save Gotham city. You can do this but you’re way past your prime and people would think you’re crazy if you try to live your Batman dreams now. But for a little boy with leukemia, he will be able to see his dreams come true for a day.

Five year old Miles has been suffering leukemia. Despite this challenge, the little boy is positive and cheerful. He gets inspired by superheroes, particularly by Batman.

He wants to be Batkid and Make-a-Wish Foundation will fulfill his dreams on November 15 by turning San Francisco into Gotham City for a day.

Miles will be Batkid on that special day. He will help the chief of San Francisco Police, fight crime, rescue a woman from the Hyde Street cable-car tracks, and capture a villain in robbing a bank vault. He will be hungry and he’ll get to eat at Burger Bar. After a hearty meal, he will be honored at City Hall and given a key to the city.

Sounds exciting, especially for a little boy who’s been sick for a while. Let’s hope the whole of San Francisco participates in making Gotham City come alive… and making Miles very happy.

More details on how you can help and participate HERE.

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