Google Nexus 5 Gets Taken Apart

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Google recently unveiled its worst-kept secret, Google Nexus 5. If you’re curious to see the components and internals of this sweet handset, the folks at iFixit got their hands on the Nexus 5 and disassembled it completely to show users what’s inside.

Google Nexus 5

The Google Nexus 5 holds together some beautiful internals that are easy to repair, at least some of the components. The folks at iFixit gave it a repairability score of 8 out 10, higher being the easiest to repair. So we can conclude that it’s fairly easy to repair the handset, but we don’t recommend our loyal readers take such technical matters in their own hands. You should consult a professional if you require assistance or just visit the folks at Google with any warranty claims.

Anyway, let’s get back to what iFixit found inside the Nexus 5. The handset contains a minimal amount of glue and a modular design, according to their findings. The only difficult part was the display, which prevented it from getting a higher score. The LCD and glass are fused to the display frame, which makes it very difficult and expensive to repair in case you have a broken screen.

Just head over to the source link below to learn in detail about the internals of the Google Nexus 5.

Source: iFixit

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