AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 Lands November 15, To Cost $200 with Two-Year Contracts

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Nokia Lumia 1520Oh, it’s on now! Nokia has been sitting on the sidelines of the high-end mobile game for far too long, allowing Samsung and Apple to make more money than oil-producing nations. But no more.

The Lumia 1520, the first full-blown iOS and Android rival to run Windows Phone 8, was formally introduced to the world a few weeks back, and is now all set for its highly anticipated AT&T debut. Though America’s number-two carrier continues to list the six-incher on its website as “coming soon,” with no exact ETA or pricing details, Microsoft is offering the giant for pre-orders.

The price tag? $199.99 with two-year contracts, or $549 outright. Valid for all different paint jobs: black, white, yellow and red. Good deal? Let’s call it decent. It’s certainly no bargain, as it only comes with 16 GB built-in storage, but let’s not forget one of its direct competitors, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, started at 300 bucks with pacts.

Microsoft is expected to kick shipping into gear as soon as next week, namely on November 15, so be sure to swing by its webpage and get your pre-orders in. After all, this is the only carrier-branded version of the device that will ever visit the States, with Verizon expected to get the “mini me” Lumia 929 instead.

Via [Microsoft Store]

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