End of an Era: All Blockbuster Retail Stores Are Shutting Down

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Blockbuster storeBlockbuster was once the most recognizable movie rental chain in the United States. Its success started to dwindle as streaming movie services and other digital options became more prevalent. Blockbuster stores have been closing down all over the country in the past few years, and it’s nearly time to say goodbye to nearly all physical representations of Blockbuster all together. Dish Network Corp., the owner of Blockbuster has committed to shutting down the last 300 retail Blockbuster locations by early January 2014. It will also discontinue the Blockbuster DVD by mail service as well. Franchised and licensed Blockbuster locations will not be affected.

Much like other fallen giants of the past, Blockbuster will live on in name only. Dish Network will still offer Blockbuster @ Home and Blockbuster On Demand for its customers.

My last experiences with Blockbuster came between 2011-2012. The store near me had a special going on that offered two movies for the price of one. Some of them weren’t available at Redbox, so it was a good deal at the time. When the promotion ended, so did our business relationship.

Source [Dish Network]

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