Deal Alert: Refurb Barnes & Noble Nook HD Available for $80 via eBay, Nook HD+ Goes for $120

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Nook-HD-Nook-HD-PlusBarnes & Noble’s 7-inch Nook HD and 9-inch Nook HD+ tablets have been discounted so many times these past few months that I almost lost count of all the deals and promos, be them limited or not. Yet there apparently is still room for more. I mean less.

You know what I mean. But exactly how low can B&N go? Let’s just say they’re this close to handing these gadgets out on the streets for free.

Well, not them exactly, but rather an “experienced” eBay seller, 1saleaday, which offers the Nook HD for a ridiculously low $79.99 and the HD+ for $119.99. Keep in mind that you’re not buying the slates directly from their makers or via an extremely reputable third-party retailer, albeit there’s no reason to fear frauds.

Also, one key aspect of the deal is the tablet duo is not brand new, but instead “manufacturer refurbished”, so the gizmos previously had an owner (or more) and then they were restored to working order and mint condition by approved vendors.

Finally, only limited quantities are available at the time of this writing, so I pray for the stocks to not be depleted before you get a chance to hear about the promotion. Good luck and, worst case scenario, swing by Amazon if the eBay deal expires and get the brand new Nook HD for $115 or the HD+ for $164. Not quite the same, but still darn cheap, am I right?

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